Caring Economics

in Theory and in Praxis

Date: 27 - 31 July 2020




This is a 5-day event organised by the Open Academy of Caring Economics and OQ Consulting BV.

This is a dynamic event designed bring clarity regarding the world we live in from an economic standpoint. It will spark discussion & creative thinking on the changes that need to happen in policies and practice, starting from our thinking, working, living, consumption habits, use of resources at local level, until the policies at national and global level that touch almost every aspect of human life. It incorporates presentations, lectures, discussions & creative activities related to the future economy.  The places are limited as we aim to create a community-like atmosphere where everybody can participate, voice their opinion and be heard.

We have invited speakers in different fields who will shine their light on different aspects of a future economy that ensures social justice and a healthy planet, including a dialogue with the film producer Renée Scheltema, on her Award-Winning film "Normal is Over" on the challenges of the 21st Century, which will be shown during the Summer School.

Here's a few details on what to expect:


From neo-liberalism to caring economics

Short history of economic thinking: Where does our current economic system come from? And why is it not sustainable?


Playing the game “pillars of power” 

Paradigm shift: How to go from neo-liberal economics to caring economics: from theory to praxis



Presentation of the Award Winning Film: “Normal is Over”, and discussion on the challenges of 21st century.

The film's producer, Renée Scheltema, will be present to discuss the film with the participants of the

Summer School.

From theory to praxis

Caring Economics: Putting in praxis what we preach: gathering food in the garden – compare costs and benefits with buying a ready-made dinner


Master Classes

By lead-experts on policies to put in practice the principles of caring economics. Thematic issues that will be covered are:

  • Human rights and environmental justice

  • Gender equality

  • Sustainable energy

  • Food systems

  • Tax-systems

  • Basic income and social security

  • Money-system and crypto currency


Work in Sub-groups: How should the future economy look like

Creative process to develop and launch on the internet our future “Ideal World in 2050”. 



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All meals are vegan/vegetarian and organic.

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