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World House Wetten is one of the most sustainable guest houses in the region


The World House is not just a guest house.
It truly is a special place - one with an eye on a sustainable future. Relying on an innovative energy system, we produce our own electricity and are committed to protecting the environment.  
The World House is situated just outside the village of Wetten.
This former monastery turned into guest house
is surrounded by a large scenic garden and offers free WiFi throughout. World House Wetten is at 5-minute drive from the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer and 20 min from Weeze Airport.

Each room offers views of the surrounding gardens and countryside. 
Here you can enjoy a green environment with fresh air, healthy organic food from our garden and a lot of other delights such as our tea house or meditation room, all the way knowing that you too are environmentally friendly.


We are part of the projekt "Mehr Bäume jetzt" 

Pick up March 9th 2024 from 09:00 a.m. till 12 p.m.

"Mehr Bäume jetzt" 

24-02-21 MehrBaumeJetzt-Paul Dickmann-Zwischenlagerung-World House-Wetten.jpg

'Mehr Bäume jetzt' is giving away around 1,000 seedlings of trees and shrubs in the Kleve district. Here is a link to pre-register for all tree giveaway days, where you can select the trees and shrubs you want.
Pre-registration is important for the organization so that they can inform interested parties when and where they can pick up the selected tree and shrub seedlings.
The photo shows Paul Bickmann, regional coordinator for the Kleve / Lower Rhine district of 'Mehr Bäume jetzt', as he stores the first seedlings of trees and shrubs at the World House in Wetten. World House is one of several distribution points in the Kleve district. On Saturday March 9th between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. trees can be picked up at the World House. But first register with this pre-registration, where the other distribution points in the Kleve district are also listed.


You will find the article about the keynote speech of Thera van Osch here or as PDF here

"Providing for sustainability" - Perspectives on the Caring Economics 

21. - 22. September 2023 - FH Münster

Thera van Osch guest lecture 

at dgh-Jahrestagung 2023 in cooperation with Kompetenzzentrum für Haushaltswissenschaft FH Münster.

More information: Press here 

or find the program here 

Landpartie am Niederrhein 2023 
17. + 18. June 2023

Our Garden

We are extremely proud of our garden.

Our approx. 3000 m2 meadow orchard has been redesigned to enhance the native biodiversity and to maintain this species-rich cultural landscape by creating wild bee nesting support, dead wood areas, stork nests and flowering areas for butterflies and wild bees.

Here are some links to videos and posts.

The information boards in the garden, each with their QR-codes, provide further details to the guests and visitors. 

Furthermore we participate in the German contest "Wir tun was für Bienen" (We do something for the bees)

Claudia Blauert implemented this great project in our garden in collaboration with several German environmental organisations, including NABU Kreis Kleve e.V., Netzwerk Blühende Landschaft and the LEADER- Region Leistende Landschaft e.V.

Thank you very much to all the people who contributed to realization of this wonderful project.

Landpartie am Niederrhein 2022 
11. + 12. / 18. + 19. / 25. + 26. June 2022


We are happy being again part of the Landpartie Niederrhein as one of 24 locations.

You can experience art, culture and crafts as well as being informed about the          Wild Bees project in our garden.

For more information 



You could pick up flyers at World House. 

World House Wetten will welcome visitors during the three weekends of June        11.+12. // 18.+19. // 25.+26. 2022 from 11:00 o´clock until 18:00 o´clock.

 June 2021

Flyer 1 klein (002).jpg
Flyer 2 klein (003).jpg


Online exhibition by


A mother who

brought her children

to safety -

her personal story

27 March 2021





Ms Barbara Hendricks

Member of Parliament and former Minister for Environment of Germany

29 October 2019


At World House Wetten we are committed to living in a sustainable, healthy and respectful way towards the environment as well as every living being.
This transpires in both the way we do things here, as well as in our attitude towards our guests, partners and those who support us on a daily basis.
Our culture of respect and care for people and the planet is at the core of our philosophy.


Book a Room

Offering a variety of different rooms, from simple with a shared bathroom to full apartments that include a mini kitchen, balcony or rooftop balcony. All rooms offer scenic views of the green surroundings.

Enjoy Healthy Food

We serve good coffee and a vegetarian breakfast buffet, contributing to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The buffet is mostly organic, includes German sourdough bread and fresh produce from our own gardens. 

Host Your Event

We have a wonderful conferences hall holding up to 60 people as well as plenty of green areas for outdoor events 

Have a Blast

Lush green gardens, peaceful hidden spots, a meditation space, a tea house and much more! 


At World House Wetten we are committed to living in a sustainable, healthy and respectful way towards the environment as well as every living being. 

Respect is at the core of our philosophy. 

Having said that:

Everybody is different, we appreciate and embrace these differences while understanding that we have far more in common with each other. World House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all. This translates into a simple and unpretentious yet welcoming interior where everyone can feel at ease. 



- David, Chile

"The service is great, it made me feel at home while being so far from stress and responsibilities of actually being home. Would come back just to see how the people working there are doing.

THAT’s how much I loved staying there."

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