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World House Wetten is a redesigned former monastery located in a picturesque, peaceful scenery only 20 min away from the Weeze Airport. It is dreamt up as a living space for the future, completely self-sustaining and dedicated to a zero-waste future.

Thanks to our solar panels, we create clean energy that is used throughout the whole space. Our beautiful garden provides us with fresh organic fruits, herbs and vegetables. The vegetarian and vegan meals you enjoy in our restaurant are completely organic and healthy.  

And the fresh herbs corner means that the food is not only good for you, but also delicious. 

The World House is a unique venue offering plenty of simple yet beautiful rooms, large green areas, excellent events spaces and a conference hall.

And that’s not all. You can enjoy peaceful hidden corners, spiritual sights, a tea house, even a meditation space.

We are happy to welcome and share this truly special place with everybody.


Our cosy restaurant serving delicious vegetarian and vegan meals

Meeting spaces at World House Wetten

One of our beautiful, simple rooms

Reading Room at World House Wetten

Event at World House Wetten

Healing festival meeting at World House Wetten

Large outdoor space for events outside

Outdoor event facilities

Green spaces at World House Wetten

Presentation on our innovative energy as well as financial system at our Conference Hall

Entrance into our Reception

Event at World House Wetten

Corridor leading you in


At World House Wetten we are committed to living in a sustainable, healthy and respectful way towards the environment as well as every living being. 

Respect is at the core of our philosophy. 

Having said that:

Everybody is different, we appreciate and embrace these differences while understanding that we have far more in common with each other. World House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all. This translates into a simple and unpretentious yet welcoming interior where everyone can feel at ease. 



- David, Chile

"The service is great, it made me feel at home while being so far from stress and responsibilities of actually being home. Would come back just to see how the people working there are doing.

THAT’s how much I loved staying there."

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