Innovative Energy System

Thanks to our cooperation with the Energy Cooperative of North Rhine Westphalia (EGN by its German abbreviation), World House now produces its own electricity and even delivers eco-friendly energy back to the grid for others to be used. 

The innovative energy system consists of solar panels on the roof combined with a block-powerplant in the cellar and a big battery for storing energy in the library of World House, producing electricity. Additionally, the waste heat of the block-powerplant is used to heat both drinking water and the water of the heating system of the entire guest house. 

The screen at the reception desk provides our guests life information about the performance of our energy system.  

The EGN approach is innovative and completely in line with the culture of sustainability and caring economics that lie at the heart of our philosophy. You can learn more here

Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Meals

All our meals are vegetarian and/or vegan. We only use organic food. Breakfast can be ordered by all guests. Lunch and dinner will be prepared for groups on request.

Our organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard produce a lot of food during harvest times, that we serve at our cozy restaurant. Throughout the year our guest house is self-sufficient for several products from our garden, including home-made organic apple juice, walnuts, potatoes, herbs, herb teas and several vegetables we have conserved for winter time.  

This allows us to not only serve meatless meals that are organic and healthy but it also means that we rely less on produce which is imported, and transported from other corners of the country or the world.  

The knock-on benefit is that we minimize our contribution to animal suffering, to the detrimental environmental impact of industrial meat production and to pollution caused by food transportation as well as eliminate the need for packaging made of plastic and paper. Resources that are otherwise used just once and thrown away entering our environment, damaging the climate and polluting the oceans.   

Caring Economics

The concept of Caring Economics is at the heart of our philosophy and the way we operate and act. Care for people and care for the planet are at the centre of our economic approach at World House.


We are committed to create a place where people from all over the world feel welcome and at home. We embrace diversity of cultures, appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of every single person, while understanding that we all have equal rights and all deserve to be threatened with dignity and respect.


World House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all. Each floor of the building is reflecting another continent in its decorations. The interior of the house is sober and unpretentious yet welcoming where everyone can feel at ease. We want to be a place for connecting people to create new perspectives. We offer different spaces for groups to meet, including conference rooms, restaurant, library, co-working space, teahouse, meditation room, terraces and a fireplace in the garden.


We take care of the inheritance of the past monastery, including the cross road and the Maria cave in the garden, while focusing on a future where people live peaceful in balance with the natural environment and connected with the deeper sense of human life.   


The caring economic approach includes a circular economy that reduces the use of raw materials, reuses products as long as possible, and recycles waste.  We aim to act in harmony with the idea of Circular Economy by reducing and recycling waste, recycling our organic waste in the compost heap, harvesting rainwater for the plants in the garden, and using renewable energy.

Minimum Waste

World House Wetten is committed to being a part of the solution when it comes to environmental protection. We have all heard about the waste of the limited resources we dispose of and how we damage our planet leading to extreme climate change and environmental disasters.


All these factors  are not only a direct health threat in terms of floods, fires, decease, hurricanes,etc. They could lead to food and water scarcity, in turn leading to migration and armed conflict.

That's why, we at World House Wetten are committed to eliminating wasted in all shapes and forms. We strive to use local suppliers and abide to practices in food production, maintenance and cleaning that limit the waste of resources to a minimum. Our goal is to eventually eliminate waste altogether. 




At World House Wetten we are committed to living in a sustainable, healthy and respectful way towards the environment as well as every living being. 

Respect is at the core of our philosophy. 

Having said that:

Everybody is different, we appreciate and embrace these differences while understanding that we have far more in common with each other. World House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all. This translates into a simple and unpretentious yet welcoming interior where everyone can feel at ease. 



- David, Chile

"The service is great, it made me feel at home while being so far from stress and responsibilities of actually being home. Would come back just to see how the people working there are doing.

THAT’s how much I loved staying there."

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