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What's Special

World House Wetten?

Today World House Wetten is a guest house and a conference venue with a mission – to promote two concepts:

Caring Economics: an economic approach of respect and inclusiveness that places people and planet at the heart of every action.

Sustainability: we are actively promoting a sustainable lifestyle and showing how a venue can not only operate in a self-sustaining way, causing no damage to the environment, but actually contribute by setting an example for the local community and all our guests from all over the world.

Yet, the World House offers so much more than sustainable accommodation and conference facilities. The building has a rich history, going back centuries and its grounds offer several special touches that make the atmosphere something to experience.


Historic Tower


In the garden of World House, not too far from the main building, you will find the foundation of a historic watch tower going back to the 13th century. It’s has an underground monument which is a cultural treasure protected by the German government that truly adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Silence Room

In the foundation of what is left over from the historic tower, there is a low circular room which is designed as a place for prayer and solitude - we call it the Room of Silence. With its atmosphere, the Room of Silence  offers a great space for meditation, spiritual practices or merely soul searching.


Tea House

If you continue further out, away from the main building of World House, you will bump into a small, beautiful, white house with a veranda. This is our Tea House. It has something of a vintage atmosphere to it, and it’s truly enjoyable sipping tea in and around with. It was used back in the 1950s by the Dominican nuns from the monastery as a place for healing of TBC-patients.  We’ve preserved its look and appeal from back then!


Practically in our back yard, right next to the main building of the World House, you will find a small pond. With trees leaning down towards the water and sometimes the home of baby ducks, it makes our guest house just that bit extra special.

apple ochard 2.JPG

Apple Orchard

Our apple orchard is our pride! Apart from the natural appeal of having apple trees around (especially in the spring when they blossom beautifully), it gives us the opportunity to produce delicious organic apple juice which we serve at our restaurant.

Bee Houses

Not far away from our apple orchard, you can find a few tiny wooden houses, the home of our protected wild-bees. One of the reasons why we have loads of flowers, not only in and around our veggie garden but also everywhere around the grounds of the World House.

Image by Annie Spratt

Mother Mary and the Way of the Cross

As this is a former monastery of catholic Dominican nuns, you will find Mother Mary in a grotto, and stations of the Way of the Cross (the way Jesus Christ passed before he was crucified) in various locations around the grounds of the World House. As the grounds are open to local people, you will often find flowers at Mother Mary’s place. These places offer a great opportunity for solitude and reflection.


You will find various art pieces both outdoors and indoors, and World House offers opportunities for exhibitions to artists. Apart from that, each floor of World House Wetten is designed to showcase the culture of a different part of the world through art. You will find some very interesting paintings both down our corridors and in our Conference Hall.


Large Green Spaces

Probably one of the best things about World House Wetten is the fact that there’s so much beautiful nature around the main building. Apart from a large veggie garden and our apple orchard, there are large green fields suitable for outdoor team building events, barbeques and parties.


Apple orchard - World House Wetten

Our apple orchard

Entrance to our Silence Room

Our Silent Room inside - great for meditation or other spiritual practices requiring solitude

Yes, we event have a small pond!

Our beautiful Tea House used since way back in the day when World House Wetten was a monastery

The inside of our Tea House

Tea House - World House Wetten

World House Wetten grounds are the house of centuries old ruins of a historical watch tower

Spiritual corners for prayer and solitude dating back to the times when World House Wetten was a monastery

Art is present everywhere on the grounds of World House Wetten

More art!


At World House Wetten we are committed to living in a sustainable, healthy and respectful way towards the environment as well as every living being. 

Respect is at the core of our philosophy. 

Having said that:

Everybody is different, we appreciate and embrace these differences while understanding that we have far more in common with each other. World House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all. This translates into a simple and unpretentious yet welcoming interior where everyone can feel at ease. 



- David, Chile

"The service is great, it made me feel at home while being so far from stress and responsibilities of actually being home. Would come back just to see how the people working there are doing.

THAT’s how much I loved staying there."

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