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A mother who brought her children to safety - her personal story

Venue: World House Wetten,

Address: Vellarsweg 2, 47625 Kevelaer-Wetten, Germany

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Opening: 27 March 2021 at 15:00

About the exhibition:

Collection of paintings inspired by the story and personal journey of artist Zozan Hamo who fled her homeland Syria because of the war. You can find details about Zozan below.

Despite the hopeless situation in the refugee camps in Greece, Zozan used her power and talent to produce paintings as a way to tell the world about the experiences and emotions of herself, her children and the people around her.
Zozan had a solo exhibition at a gallery in Thessaloniki and along with other artists, her art works were made part of collaborative exhibitions in Greece and France. 
Reunited with her family now in Germany, Zozan’s journey continues. Her paintings allow her to express her feelings about her experiences in this new world. With her strong will and talents, she is building a new way towards a better future for herself and her children.

The Road to Hope.

Zozan will be present and pleased to meet you and talk about her art, personal background & experiences living as a refugee on the Opening date (27 March).

Entrance: FREE

Programme - 27 March / Opening:

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15:00  - Welcome

Welcome by Thera van Osch - host of the exhibition & owner of World House Wetten

15:05  - Introduction

Kitty van Peer, co-organizer of the exhibition, will speak about her first meeting & impressions of the artist.

15:15 - Adress by Zozan Hamo

The Road to Hope - Zozan will speak about her personal journey ​as a refugee from Syria and how her experience has impacted her on a personal level and as an artist.

15:30 - Q&A  

Zozan will answer any questions you may have about her experiences on the road, at refugee camps in Greece and since she has arrived in Germany.  

16:00 - 17:00 -  Walkabout & Drinks  

Zozan will be available to speak about specific paintings of interest - about the symbolic meaning behind them, specific notions and experiences that have inspired her works.  

17:00 - Press

Zozan will be available to speak to representatives from the press about her experience, art and future projects.

18:00 - Close 




Zozan Hamo: About the Artist

Zozan Hamo was born in Syria in 1976. She has been painting since the age of seven. During her teenage years, she was able to show her early works at exhibitions in Syria. While training as a teacher and later starting her own family, she took a creative break.

Because of the war in Syria, the threat to her family became so great that they decided to leave the country. Her husband left in 2015, and she followed alone with her four children a year later. Especially in Greece in the camps Idomeni and Illiadis-Kalochori, the situation was almost unbearable for her, so that she turned to painting again, to process the traumatic experiences of their escape.

Most of her pictures tell of the devastating journey that the refugees from Syria had to take until they arrived in Greece. A recurring theme in her work is the hopelessness and feeling of captivity in a free world around her.

They express the pure loneliness and abandonment that people feel after having to leave behind everything that is familiar to them, everything and everyone they know and hold dear.
Although she and her family have been living in safety in Germany reunited since 2018, she is still haunted by memories.

The experiences in Greece have left deep scars, but she has found her own way to express her feelings and tell her story to the world -- Through the art of painting.

When she delves into painting, she sees not only pain, but also hope and gratitude for herself and all other refugees who have come to safety at the end of their arduous journey. 

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